# Configuring the mod

Configuration of the mod is done completely using COMMANDS. These can be executed by players with Permission level 3 (default vanilla OP level).

Below you can find all the commands, as well as what they do.

Command maintenance status

This command displays the current status of the mod. It will be either true or false

Command maintenance on/off

Enable or disable maintenance mode

Command maintenance list

Return a list of users that can join your server during maintenance mode. YOU WILL HAVE TO ADD YOURSELF AS WELL, REGARDLESS OF YOUR PERMISSIONS

Command maintenance reload

Reload the config, if you edited the config file manually. (The config file is named mmode.json)

Command maintenance backup

Perform a full backup manually

Command maintenance doBackups true/false

Enable or disable the creation of backups when enabling maintenance mode

Command maintenance setMessage "Your Message Here"

Set the message to be displayed to the player when they try to join the server during maintenance mode. This might include the planned timeframe, and or other information about the maintenance

Command maintenance addAllowed MinecraftNameHere

Add a player to the list of allowed players that can join the server during maintenance mode

Command maintenance removeAllowed MinecraftNameHere

Remove a player from the list of allowed players that can join the server during maintenance mode

Since 1.1 Command maintenance setMotd Your Message Here

Change the MOTD that is displayed while the server is in maintenance mode

Since 1.1 Using a different Server Icon when in Maintenance

Since Version 1.1, it's possible to set an alternative icon for your server while in maintenance mode.

To do this, upload another png image of 64x64px (in the same folder as your current server icon) and name it whateveryoulike.png.

Next, head over to config/mmode.json. Change the value of maintenanceIcon to whateveryoulike.png.

Finally, execute the command maintenance reload to reload the config. Your server will not display this icon when you have maintenance mode enabled

And that's it. More feature/commands will come in the future